Medical Benefits Of Regular Gynecological Visits


As a woman, you need to take charge of your reproductive health by regularly visiting your gynecologist. Ideally, gynecology practitioners recommend that you visit them as soon as you experience your first period if your child is otherwise healthy. However, if you have existing reproductive conditions, the visits could be more frequent. Here are the medical benefits of visiting your gynecologist regularly. Reproductive Health Management Gynecologists focus on your reproductive health and may carry out comprehensive checks of your reproductive system.

12 April 2022

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Yeast Infections


Otherwise known as Candidal vulvovaginitis, a yeast infection occurs when the fungus naturally found on and inside the body begins to grow and spread. A yeast infection is characterized by swelling, redness, itching, and discharge. Although yeast infections in women are very common, there are several misconceptions surrounding this condition. Here are a few of the most common myths associated with yeast infections. Yeast Infections Are a Form of Sexually Transmitted Disease

7 January 2022