Gynecological Healthcare Tips That Can Be Easy To Overlook


The female reproductive system is extremely complex and can be prone to experience a number of different problems. While you may be diligent about meeting your other healthcare needs, it can be easy to overlook some of your sexual healthcare needs. Unfortunately, this can have a profound impact on your overall health, fertility, and quality of life. Undergo Regular Evaluations And Testing The most basic type of care that you should receive is a routine medical examination by a gynecologist.

19 December 2018

Warning Signs That You Need A Pelvic Exam


In the past, it was recommended that women receive an annual pelvic exam. But newer findings have suggested that women may only need a pelvic exam every three years. However, there are many situations in which you may need a pelvic exam this year. Health Conditions That Require a Pelvic Exam If you notice that you have the warning signs of certain diseases, you should consider going in for a pelvic exam.

23 September 2018