5 Tips For Avoiding A Yeast Infection


A yeast infection is really uncomfortable and painful. Sadly, it is something that most women will experience at one point or another in their lifetime. However, there are lots of steps that you can take to avoid ever getting a yeast infection. 

#1 Watch How You Wipe

How you wipe yourself after you use the bathroom can have an effect on how often or if you get a yeast infection. When you have a bowel movement, you should always wipe from the front towards the back of your body. Wiping away from your vagina will prevent yeast, which actually live inside of your intestinal tract, from being transferred to your vaginal area and resulting in a yeast infection.

#2 Be Careful With How You Clean Yourself

Second, be careful with how you clean your body. You should not use bath soaps or products that have perfumes in them. When you wash your vaginal area, you should wash with unscented or naturally scented soaps. The elements in perfumed bath products, when applied to the vaginal area, can cause you to develop a yeast infection. Keep it natural and unscented when it comes to any products that you use to clean your vaginal area.

#3 Stay Away From Douches

Some women use douches with the mistaken belief that they help keep their vaginal areas clean. Although your vaginal area may look more clean to you after you use a douche, it is not good at all for your vaginal health. Douches remove the mucus that is a natural part of your vagina that helps protect your vaginal area from getting a variety of vaginal infections, including yeast infections. It basically cleans your vaginal area at the risk of compromising your vaginal health. 

#4 Stay Away From Petroleum-Based Lubricants

Fourth, be careful about what products you use when you have sex. When you use petroleum-based lubricants when you have sex, it can help trap in yeast, which can lead to yeast infections. For your vaginal health, it is best to use water-based products. Water-based products do not lead to yeast infections as often as petroleum-based products and also help keep your vaginal area from getting dry when having sex.

#5 Clean Up After Sex

After you have sex, don't just put your underwear back on and go about your business. You should go to the restroom and try to urinate to clean up your vaginal area, and wipe down your vaginal area with a washcloth or a baby wipe. Taking a shower works as well.

For additional advice, talk to a gynecologist


17 July 2017

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